Who We Are?


The Agricultural Service started as a fertilizer agency along the Lower Orange River back in 2011.

We started out providing the farmer with a soil analysis and fertilizer recomendation service, according to soil and crop needs. 

In 2013 a seed agency was obtained complementing the fertilizer service.

In 2016 an Agrochemical agency was obtained complementing both the fertilizer and seed agencies.

With the different agencies joining together Greengro Landboudienste was born and registered as a company in 2016.

Most recently Greengro Landboudienste has joined together with an Agricultural Implement Manufacturer to supply specific needs of Farmers.

Our Vision

Passionate about agriculture, we aim to be trendsetters, remaining relevant and current in an ever-changing landscape, providing insight to latest trends and supply of agricultural inputs. 

Our Values

Identifying needs, bringing solutions.